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Well well... Happy New Rabbit Year!

So much for giving frequent updates to my LJ!!

Well you could say there has really been not much change, wait... what?! Of couuuuuuurse there's been huge changes c'mon are you serious... [Sorry this is just me talking to myself again... haha!!]

For starters well yayyyyy's to my contract being renewed! For 6 more months this lady shall keep teaching to high school students... oh yes! Such a blast... haha wait that sounded mean and ironic, and it wasn't suppose to sound like that... weeeell the hell! The difference relies on the fact that last semester I had only 4 groups of 40 students, and my classes were from monday to friday except for wednesdays which was my subject's day off. So you could say my luck improved like for millions~ This semester I was given 13 groups, oh my dear god! YES 13 groups of 35 to 40 students per group... talking about huge changes huh? Oh and that's not all, last semester my schedule was from 7am to 10:20 am and I was teaching only one subject: Investigation of Scientific Methodology [yeah yeah I know it sounds hard but it's pretty damn interesting =)... really!] now this semester my schedule changed: Monday, Thursday and Wednesday I go from 7am to 4pm, adn Thursday and Friday from 7am to 1pm, no days off between! Oh, and I'm teaching 2 subjects: Arts and Philosophy... Great subjects really =)! Both of them I just freaking enjoy teaching! It's been sort of hard getting used to all this changes but I'm really glad I have a job and that it improved specially cuz of the money issues ;] If you know what I mean haha...

Now last year I met Kitamura Masa, this man works for Panasonic companuy, he came to a conference to introduce a new camera, I'm really not into audiovisuals nor recording or audio stuff yet I was invited to this exclusive conference along with Cori xD koori_16 it was fun and interesting indeed, so anyways we spoke to him and exchanged mails, I've been in touch with him and well yeyyyy cuz I've been able to practice my japanese and well make some contact on Japan =)! He's such an amazing and courteous man, plus he even sent me his blog to take a look on it, he's a Fishing lover and his blog is just amaaaaaaaaazing!! [Here's the blog in case you wanna take a look at it: bassxman.blog134.fc2.com/]

Moving on this year has just started so right, and well adding up this is Rabbit's year, and yes, I'm a rabbit, this year is just nothing but good news =)!  January 31st was our 4th 氷幸の日[KoShi no Hi] year, this is basically a small, super small celebration I do along with cori, where we celebrate our friendship, why on this day?! Cuz this was the first day we met =)! January 31st of 2007, yup I can still remember this as if it had been yesterday! Anyways we went to this restaurant called YAMATO [it's a Japanese restaurant] and decided to celebrate it here, we ate delicious food! And we exchanged our presents! 

This looks yummy right?! This was ahm Tenindon, Soba, and sushi rolls, one of crab and the other one oh shrimp. this meal was seriously delicious! Like over the top delicious =)! Plus the soba's flavor was just a blast! Every bite was a small flashback to our trip to Japan! A blast indeed =)! LAter on we went to the movies, but before this, something really weird happened, weird good I mean haha! We went to a place looking for this Asian Study Center and we ended up in this place but it turned out they shared office with some parlament center place and well long story short they asked for our CV's cuz apparently we could have job offers haha! sooooo random but cool at the same time =]! So a crappy movie we watched "Julia's Eyes" crappy indeed hate it! but well It sure was an awesome day! 

It's been cold in here temperatures are under 0° but I just love it and I'm grateful day by day for what I have, recent news: CANCER is off! gone! out of my family and this makes me happy and gives me strenght to keep going =]! Ghosts off! I'll keep working and keep smiling cuz life has given me so much and has still much to offer! And well today I did some peace offers w some of my old ghosts, this has brought a huuuuge peace to myself, this amazing feeling I can quite describe but I guess it's a mixture of maturity and forgiveness and peace, it's just great! 

Anyways I'll try to keep this updated a bit more even though I'm always so busy :X !! Oh yes yes I've been helping as an admin at @MblaqGoFacts twitter account! Please do follow if you are MBLAQ fan [<s>didImentionmysuperlatebiaslikecrazyfandomgirlbiasismblaq'sGO?IfIdidntwellIguessIjustspilledthatoutthoughitsbeenweirdhaha</s>]!! Ps. Still waiting for My "BLAQ STYLE" album and my Rain's Hip Korea documentary, hopefully wont take any longer haha! Ahh and my Jaejoong's Intermodulation Photobook/Poster/Bag have arrived home safley =] will be taking pictures and posting them later!

Have a wonderful Chinese New Rabbit Year, and may all your wishes come true =] !!