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Words are never enough

Going back...

I guess you can never truly forget someone... there shall always be memories haunting back I believe~ It's not that I wasn't aware of the difficulty, or that I wasn't ready to let this totally go... I just have been wondering lately: ¿do we ever truly let someone so precious go, just like that? I never thought it was easy but I sure never imagined it would be this hard either~ a huge contradiction!

It's most likely to feel vivid beacuse of the season...almost new year~ YET... it has been more than a year now! I'm thinking this has some sense after all... this person could have changed my life drastically with just a simple word, so yes, it makes sense that this whole situation remains stuck in my head.

"Eventually this shall pass too"
quite common expresion in my head to give myself some relief, I do believe such words but saying them more frquently lately is kind of making them lose some meaning~ It's not the same pain as that time when I let him go, but still time to time I do wonder how different my life would have turned if we could have fulfilled some dreams we shared, specially those which involved being together. No use in remembering now, but can't quite help it sometimes... some of those like this!

This is just weird, I dont feel sad but more of a yearning inside, this has to be a good signal as well! So... let's call it quit for the night and try to get some sleep~