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Dancing in December

¡¡Now this is christmas my dear... this is christmas!!

Yup I think Ijust can't keep this up hahaha whenever I'm trying hard to keep up with my LJ there's just something always a bit more important for me than writing haha... shouldn't be like this, yet it is SADLY like this hahaha!

Well since my last post there has been not much change, basically haven't watch any episode from "Gloria" nor "Marry Me, Mary!" nor "Jungle Fish 2" nooor "Dr. Doolittle" ahhhh preeeetty sad I know, I know BUT! ahhhh haha there's a but ;) "Fugitive/ Plan B" I've improved indeed haha! Not as much as I 'd liked to but I've watched so far till episode 4... yup sort of pathetic anyways~! But reaaaally who isn't loving Ji-Hoon's acting in this drama... is effin hillaaaaarious hahaha!! I gotta pause it just to catch my breath cuz he sure got me falling from the bed everytime I see it! And well Henney... uh lala he's just an exquisite man indeed, I just feel like eating him up whenever he comes out on screen... stealing some attention from Ji-Hoonie haha!! And Jung Jin geeeez this might sound grose but that man running and sweating... daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!! now that's a HOT athletic man haha I'm not implying Rain's not athletic or hot when he's sweating cuz God knows that man exudes sexiness all over, but Jung Jin had just something about him, probably that he's on his thirty's or something don't really know haha that man's just HOT cuz he is! And well Henney also being in his 30's is just sooooo different, he's that perfect sort of british/england gentleman which makes a lot of sense regarding the fact his dad's got british descendant.... well anyways I still love Rain on top of all men haha!!

Work buisness~ yaaay work's almost over Monday shall be my last day, just got to publish my student's results on internet and I'll be pretty much done for the semester :)!! Awwww feels weird going to so LOOOOOOOOONG vacation haha not so long x)! Anyways I got paid already and I'm haaaaappy money's on my pocket so time to buy x-mas presents :D!! 

And this is how fast this 2010 year passed by~ ahhhhh makes me think of all those things I wished to accomplished and how most of them turn out even better than expected... and how some others just flunk deeper in the mud D:! Weeeeeell I guess some of them were expected to happen

Anyways I'm not getting melancholic in this entry... not yet haha I still have a few days before the year's over, so I just gotta wait a bit longer :)! I've been having seriously a BLAST of fun and true friendship exposure on this few days by koori_16 of course who else could be?! And Luluvich whose turn out to be a greaaaaat person :)! She's a teacher at the high school where I'm currently working, she's my age and she has also made such an amazing click with Cori so this is just freaking perfect! We already bought "Backstreet Boys' This is the One concert" tickets yeeeees we're going together, this is beyond perfect :)! This is the beginning for a new, fresh, and true friendship :)! God knows this year and last year was just f**king crappy in the friendship department so this comes to be quite perfect to close this year :D!! LAst year just found out I couldn't really trus 3 persons whom I thought where a HUGE part of my life, and this year sadly one more person just decided to cut me off... no trust = no friendship... she never trusted us, nor felt the need to work things out even when my heart was exposed, even when my self was naked, just pure truth... I guess it wasn't meant to last for longer... well all things happen for a reason after all so let them be happy and may their lives be great and full of love and happiness and health for them and their families, GOD knows I wish them no bad things only good things no matter what happened on the past, this year is also gonna be left behind with those persons and all of the bad memories and things regarding them, so all good things and all new friendships may bloom and just come my way :)!!

This shall be the entry for today short and all haha!! Tomorrow of with Cori and her family!! Can't wait to see them all Im soooo excited haha I even feel a part of her family already :)!! May all of you have a great weekend :)!!

Ps. MBLAQ's already recording MV oooooommmmmmmgggggggggggggg!! Everybody scream crazily wth me pleaseeeeeee hahahaha :)!!! 

Oh and by the way... I think I'm way more deeply falling for... a certain member from a certain boy band :X! And since his boss might be near to leaving this just gets me way more anxious since I might spill his name out hahahahaha!! He's mah secret love °O°!! hahahaha :)

Just in case I forget to come around b4 x-mas... HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone :3!!

Today's song has just been on my head for daaaaaaaaays!! Damn Wheesung ;O;!!