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Pain again...it just keeps coming back!

Well well... Happy New Rabbit Year!

So much for giving frequent updates to my LJ!!

I'm a rabbit =)! hoop hoop!Collapse )

Words are never enough

Dancing in December

¡¡Now this is christmas my dear... this is christmas!!

6 days 1 hour till X-mas \(^w^)/Collapse )


OMG talking about being away 4 some time huh...

Welcome back to the crazyness~
♫♪Dashi Dorawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♪♫Collapse )

Biaaaaaaaaaased @_@

Demasiadas cosas pasando ultimamente.... en serio muchas @_@
Too much going on lately... seriously lots @_@

Welcome to the Random Zone @_@Collapse )

Open "journal" o.O