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OMG talking about being away 4 some time huh...

Welcome back to the crazyness~

Haiiiiiiiiiiish I hate leaving this forgotten cuz then theres like oh so much to write 'bout!

Anyways lets just make a super short entry, cuz lately since my work has increased I've felt more super tired than usual...

Well quick news mah babies= MBLAQ are apparently coming back on January with new album haha I really cant wait to see if this shall actually come to be true, but I'm just happy haaaaaaaaappy they're learning Japanese haha! So much for them tweeting pretty much in -hirgana- only but damn!! I sure dont care~ haha! They have been tweeting a loooooot lately which of course Im grateful for...tons of Pics as well and OMG Mir has lost some weight mah maknae baby's looking fine now :] well he looked fine anyways haha! and G.O's hair OMG!! Isn't his color and lenght just freaking PERFECT?!!!!!!!!!!!! It is indeed haha and Like WTF with him and SeungHo having the EXACT SAME NAME for a song which is different solo projects they worked in?! Haha SeunGo Couple after all :3!! Those new soulmates on my list have reaaaaaaaaally grown deep and fast in my heart... :3 <3 

News on Fugitive: BAD FAN! Haha have only watched Ep.1 yes I apologize but Ive been seeeeeeeriously busy w work and all,promise as soon as vacations come which is around 3 weeks or so I'll catch up on Honey Hoo's drama~ same thing with "Gloria" deaaaaaaaaar im soooooo stuck over Ji Suk *-*! And daaaaaaamn ChunHee when did you get to do some work out... talkin' 'bout some aaaaaaaarms *rawr* Mister!! haha!!And of couuuuuuuuuuurse Geun Suk better known as Gu <3! His new drama's on already and hell yes I'm also anxious to watch it,,, just need some time as well ñ___ñU!

Nooooooo movies at all for this past days havent really been checking nor downloading anything but koori_16 told me about some movie were (洪卓立) Ken Hung appeared...haha yes I'm guilty for this new trauma on her for making her watch "Love is elsewhere" such a coooooorny movie so not my type... anyways probably will watch later~ same as finishing Protegé and probably watching "Temptations of the wolves" Dong Won *O*!! Which by the way his new movie was released about 2 weeks ago if I'm not mistaken...mooooooooore good news Cori told me Aiba's having a new drama on January "Bartender" or something like that can't quite remember now haha but Damn Aibaaaa such a good NewYear Present haha!! I've been needing some Arashi lately x)!!

So basically there are not much news, well there have been but I havent posted here in Oh sooo Loooong!! By the way on the 17th was mah dearest little sister's bday Mah sweet Singaporean Friend Angie :) angie_smtown I looooove you tons my little sister and ur bday present should be heading to you soon ;D!! Just wait :)!

Sooooo after all I couldn't make it to JYJ's concert not Vegas not LA but I know theres a reason for it so Im pretty calmed about this! Plus I had a blast of BoBBa I love you!! Talking about great true meaningful frienships ;O;!!! Oh weeeeell my bday is about 7 days away but for some reason this year I'm feeling no desire at all or whatsoever to celebrate it... I really dont know why but its just that feeling... hahaha and the funniest thing is that everyone's been asking since a month ago what my plans are xD! At work They have already taken my bday day morning for breakfast haha and Im having a cake, my family have already plans for sunday afternoon/night and Monday's night as well xD! The rest of my friends are just waiting for me to make a choice on how to spend it xD! And there are high chances Cori will be with me since Friday xD!! Yup yup Friday, saturday and sunday ;] <3!! But still gotta see~

Hopefully I'll be posting some entries really quick hahaha I want to show you my JYJ "The Beginning" Sepcial Edition Pictures :3! shirt and all haha! 

Have a blast of a day/night my friends ;D! And hopefully dreamofrevelry wont take any longer on updating her SUPER DAMN GREAT FIC!!! daaaaaaaamn Im so hook up on it D:!! If you havent read it please DO IT! Like right away as soon as your done reading my entry haha ;]!! Luv yaaa ppl :D!


♫♪Daaaaaaaaaaaashi Dorawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♪♫~ *TadaShi*

hahahaha Robert y Robert Jr, Albert, Gilbert, Dominic and Homer :]!! Dare wa dare? hahaha >xD~


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Nov. 23rd, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)
MBLAQ! yeah!! ajaja ya quiero el nuevo album X3 quiero nuevos looks y asi D: y q por favor Ho ya no tenga el pelo guero D: jajajaja ne y q risa con el single de "One" huercos mensos xDDD

Aigo~ ya en sus vacas tiene q ver Fugitive y Gloria eh~ ajajajj estoy bien picada con esos 2 XD a ver q tal esta el nuevo de Gu...porq... "yo tengo 2!" ahhhjajaja xD

Hablando de Sing... ya tengo la nueva movie!!!!!!!!!! *O* se la pasare y asi la vemos X3!!! ... *3que* es vdd!! la de los wolves!! tmb hay q verla su OP tmb sale ahi ajajaj XD

meSSnota! I luv' ya' too ♥ :B ojala q si se haga lo del fin *knk* asi pasamos el fin tranquilon tranquilon =w= viendo vids y la acompaño a sus clases/juego XD kejeje~ y le doy su regalo *jiji* prometo q no estara en celofan XD

Aigo~ ajajajajaj ♪dorawa dorawa~ dasi dorawaaaa~♫ tengo q aprenderme ese pasito XD

PD: "Robert y Robert Jr, Albert, Gilbert, Dominic and Homer" ajajajaj ya les puso nombres a todosss!! ahhjaja WT! homer! XDD
Nov. 23rd, 2010 05:09 am (UTC)
Creo k necesito avis nuevos xD!!!~ HAhaha el
baboso single se la bañaron... lo k me rekuerda
k no lo he bahado... anyways! Noo celofan no D:

Unnnnnn finde de doramash/moviesh =w=! hahaha!
Mi regaaaaaaaaaaalo ia kiero verlo D:! xD

Pd. haha ps ud me pregunto k komo eran los
demas D:! Y unn todos terminan en (O) xD~
Nov. 29th, 2010 05:17 am (UTC)
I LOOOOOOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Btw, happy birthday~~~~~~ <3
Nov. 29th, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)
Haha Infinite's song I supose right?!

Hahahaha dashi dorawa, dorawa, dorawa
dashi dorawa, dorawa, dorawa
dashi dorawa, dorawa, dorawa,
daaaaaaaaashi dorawaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~♫

Hahahaha this song is GREAT and damn sticky!!

Hahah thanks ^o^)/! though in my country
My bday is still in an hour hahaha!!
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